Wesleyan in the News

Olivia DrakeJuly 19, 20216min

NewsWesleyan’s intellectually dynamic faculty, students, alumni, staff, and parents frequently serve as expert sources for national media. Others are noted for recent achievements and accolades. A sampling of recent media hits is below:

On ABC News via the Associated Press, Alex Dupuy, John E. Andrus Professor Emeritus of Sociology, suggests Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph is likely to lead Haiti following the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse. Dupuy also notes that the situation in Haiti is “dangerous and volatile,” with Haiti’s police force already grappling with a recent spike in violence in Port-au-Prince that has displaced more than 14,700 people. (July 7). And in Reuters, Dupuy says foreign intervention is not the solution to preserving Haiti’s democracy. “The solution is a more accountable system of government but also greater economic opportunities and the creation of a better economy,” he says. (July 13)

In the American Bar Association’s ABA Journal, Alyx Mark, assistant professor of government, discusses her Access-to-Civil Justice course at Wesleyan. This course “delved beneath the surface to investigate the path justiciable problems take from the bottom of the civil justice iceberg to the top, studying the actors, rules, and processes people with justice problems encounter as they identify and resolve them,” she explains. (July 8)

Vogue shares the story of In the Heights, which was first drafted by Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02, Hon. ’15 when he was a sophomore at Wesleyan in 1999 and then staged by a student-run theater group. “After hearing about the production (and obtaining a CD of the music), Thomas Kail [’99], approached Miranda with the idea of preparing it to be shown off-Broadway. (July 8)

Greg Voth, associate professor of physics, is cited in Physics magazine for testing a hydrodynamics prediction made by Lord Kelvin in 1871. Kelvin questioned if an object that looks the same from any direction would naturally rotate when it moves through a fluid. Voth created an “isotropic helicoid” using a 3D printer and let the object fall under gravity through a viscous fluid and observed no rotation. (July 13)


Former CEO of athenaHealth Jonathan Bush ’93 is featured in The Boston Globe for Life continuing his quest for the elusive ‘health care Internet’ and unveils his new venture, Zus Health. (July 14)

The New York Times features the artwork of Tammy Vo Nguyen, assistant professor of art. Nguyen is exhibiting portraits of Forest City. (July 14)

In The Hartford Courant, Wesleyan is noted for being “another school well represented” on a new jazz album, “Straight from the Hart.” The CD includes tracks from Wesleyan’s Jazz Ensemble Director and pianist Noah Baerman, and Professor of Music and vibraphonist Jay Hoggard. (July 15)

Wesleyan’s Long Lane Farm(ers) are featured in The Middletown Press for their efforts harvesting crops and selling them to the public at a farm stand every Wednesday. (July 8)

On johnnyjet.com, Frommer Media LLC Co-President Pauline Frommer ’88 answers 39 travel questions including her favorite island (Barbados) and worst travel moment (when her 8-year-old daughter was stuck on a zipline in Costa Rica). (July 15)

Institutional Investor reports that Columbia Investment Management Company Chief Kim Lew P’22 will be recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the fourth annual Allocators’ Choice Awards on Sept. 22 in New York. (July 15)

Mary Robertson ’01 is the executive producer of Framing Britney, which was recently Emmy-nominated for outstanding documentary or nonfiction special according to emmys.com. (July 18)