Olivia DrakeOctober 25, 20202min
During the 2020-21 Wesleyan Winter Session, students can complete a full-semester course in 16 days while developing close relationships with faculty and fellow students. The seventh Wesleyan Winter Session will be held exclusively online this year, with an expanded curriculum. For the first time, students can choose from a short session, Jan. 4–20, 2021, or a long session, Jan.4–Feb. 2, 2021. Students who enroll in short session may take one course; students who enroll in long session may enroll in up to two courses. More than 20 courses will be offered this winter including Introduction to Programming, Enlightenment and Science,…

Olivia DrakeFebruary 5, 20182min
During Winter Session, 14 Wesleyan students studied live, site-based theater performances in Santiago, Chile. The course, THEA 357: Space and Materiality, was taught by Marcela Oteíza, assistant professor of theater, and took place during the Festival Internacional Santiago a Mil (FITAM), the most renowned theater festival in Santiago. This was the first abroad course offered by Winter Session. “It was a wonderful experience for students and myself; particularly, to be able to share in situ with them the social and cultural history of Santiago within the framework of the festival,” Oteíza said. “Students learned about performance and reception theories, while…

Olivia DrakeJanuary 12, 20172min
More than 100 Wesleyan students completed a full-semester course in two weeks as part of Winter Session 2017. Now in its fourth year, this was the highest enrollment to date. Winter Session was held Jan. 9-24 and classes typically met for four hours a day for 10 days. Courses this year included Introduction to Digital Arts, taught by Christopher Chenier; The Dark Side of the Universe, taught by Edward Moran; Homer and the Epic, taught by Andrew Szegedy-Maszak; Introduction to Programming, taught by James Lipton; U.S. Foreign Policy, taught by Douglas Foyle; Masculinity, taught by Jill Morawski; and Applied Data Analysis taught…

Olivia DrakeJanuary 8, 20162min
Wesleyan’s Winter Session, held Jan. 6-19, provides students with an opportunity to take a full-semester course in only two weeks. Students completed reading and writing assignments before classes started. Classes meet five hours per day. Indira Karamcheti, associate professor of American studies, is teaching ENGL246: Personalizing History. Students participate in daily memoir reading and writing, and question how they are shaped by their historical times and places. Students construct narratives about our times and selves in a series of writing workshops. They discuss memory itself, childhood, place and displacement, language, loss/trauma/melancholia/nostalgia, self-invention or transformation, family and generational differences. The class engages with…

Olivia DrakeJanuary 16, 20151min
Wesleyan's Winter Session, held Jan. 9-20, provided students with an opportunity to take a full-semester course in only two weeks. The immersion courses offer full credit and allow students to build a close relationship with faculty and each other. Students completed reading and writing assignments before class started. Pictured below are scenes from Winter Session's ENGL234: Jane Austen and the Romantic Age course (taught by Stephanie Weiner, professor of English) and GOVT311: United States Foreign Policy course (taught by Doug Foyle, associate professor of government, tutor in the College of Social Studies). (Photos by Olivia Drake) (more…)

Olivia DrakeJanuary 23, 20145min
This month, more than 40 Wesleyan students completed a semester-long class in less than two weeks. As part of Wesleyan's first Winter Session, held Jan. 8-21, students took advantage of a quieter campus and a long winter break to focus intensively on just one course. "During Winter Session, students can connect more closely not just with the topics they're studying, but also with their instructor and classmates," said Jennifer Curran, interim director of Continuing Studies. During this pilot session, Wesleyan offered four courses: “Introduction to Computer Programming," taught by James Lipton, associate professor of computer science; "U.S. Foreign Policy," taught…