Juhasz Published in Behavior Research Methods Journal

Lauren RubensteinSeptember 26, 20121min
Barbara Juhasz, assistant professor of psychology, assistant professor of neuroscience and behavior, is the author of an article titled, “Sensory experience ratings for over 5,000 mono- and disyllabic words.” The article was published online on Aug. 31 in the Behavior Research Methods journal, a publication of The Psychonomic Society. It was co-authored with Melvin Yap of the National University of Singapore.
The study provides sensory experience ratings (SERs)–which reflect the extent to which a word evokes a sensory and/or perceptual experience in the mind of the reader—for 2,857 monosyllabic words used in a 2011 study, as well as 3,000 new disyllabic words. New analyses with the combined set of words confirms that SERs reliably predict lexical decision response times, or the time it takes a reader to determine if a word is real or not.