77 Seniors Inducted into Phi Beta Kappa

Olivia DrakeMay 28, 20176min

eve_ruc_2017-0527160949On May 27, 77 members of the Class of 2017 were inducted into Wesleyan’s Gamma Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa Society, the oldest national scholastic honor society. They join 14 others who were initiated in fall.

To be elected, a student must first have been nominated by the department of his or her major. He or she also must have demonstrated curricular breadth by having met the General Education Expectations, and must have achieved a GPA of 93 and above.

The inductees and their majors include:

Joie Akerson, neuroscience and behavior;
Taiga Araki, biology, government;
Eric Arsenault, chemistry, physics;
eve_ruc_2017-0527163654Jeremy Auerbach, biology;
Fred Ayres, economics, neuroscience and behavior
Brennan Baker, biology;
Henry Barrett, economics, government;
Clayton Baumgart, physics;
Jordan Bell, neuroscience and behavior;
Kate Bodner, English, hispanic literatures and cultures;
Emma Broder, biology, science in society;
Henry Bushnell, biology, mathematics;
Sarah Corner, English, psychology;
Allison Cronan, film, mathematics;
Lianna Culp, English, government;
Megan Dolan, psychology;

Reunion and Commencement Wesleyan University May 28th, 2017 photo by Tom Dzimian

Rachel Earnhardt, environmental studies, history;
Carolina Elices, art and art history, english;
Lydia Elmer, hispanic literatures and cultures, sociology;
Daniel Esposito, molecular biology and biochemistry, music;
Isabel Fattal, college of letters, religion;
Kaileen Fei, molecular biology and biochemistry, neuroscience and behavior;
Isabel Fine, American studies;
Ian Foster, American studies, history;
Abigail Margalit Friedland, college of social studies;
Marya Friedman, American studies, environmental studies;
Matthew Godshall, psychology;
Benjamin Goldberg, film, sociology;
Sofia Goode, economics, feminist, gender and sexuality studies;
eve_ruc_2017-0527163210Rachel Guetta, college of integrative sciences, hispanic literatures and cultures, psychology;
Emma Hagemann, college of letters;
Emily Hart, anthropology, environmental studies;
Asad Hassanali, college of social studies, economics;
Cindy Horng, economics, French studies;
Lili Kadets, American studies, French studies
Henry Kinder, film;
Ruby Lang, environmental studies, government;
Jonah Lipton, English, film;
Michael Liu, computer science, economics;
Jiaqi Maria Ma, art studio, classics;
Ari Markowitz, economics, sociology;
Siri McGuire, earth and environmental sciences;
Sarah Mininsohn, dance, sociology;
Melissa Mischell, mathematics;
Gabriella Montinola, psychology;

Reunion and Commencement Wesleyan University May 28th, 2017 photo by Tom Dzimian

Cole Richard Morrissette, biology, neuroscience and behavior;
Kylen Moynihan, biology, earth and environmental sciences;
Sheldyn Oliver, African American studies;
Colleen Pedlow, economics, philosophy;
Anna Pezanoski-Cohen, government;
Zander Porter, art studio;
Samuel Raby, mathematics;
Mikaela Reyes, economics, psychology;
Julianne Riggs, molecular biology and biochemistry;
Rachel Rosenman, French studies, music;
Rachel Savage, molecular biology and biochemistry;
Nadja Shannon-Dabek, English, religion;
Jenna Shapiro, history;
Matthew Shelley-Reade, film, history;
Serena Shimshak, biology, neuroscience and behavior;
Jennifer Siranosian, archaeology, biology;
Casey Smith, college of social studies;
Martha Smith, biology, neuroscience and behavior;
Hanhee Song, mathematics, music;

Reunion and Commencement Wesleyan University May 28th, 2017 photo by Tom Dzimian
(Photos by Tom Dzimian)

Sarah Sylla, biology;
Nancy Tang, economics, mathematics;
Ian Teixeira, mathematics;
Sitar Terrass-Shah, philosophy;
May Treuhaft-Ali, theater;
Maksim Trifunovski, computer science, mathematics;
Varun Ursekar, physics;
Jason Wangsadinata, computer science, mathematics;
Abigail Wheeler, Hispanic literatures and cultures, psychology;
Courtney Wiegand, economics, government;
Jonah Wolfson, economics, government;
Shoko Yamada, biology, religion;
And Aaron Young, physics.