Hawley ’91 Debuts Documentary Film

Editorial StaffJune 19, 20173min

(By K Alshanetsky ’17)

Suki Hawley ’91, director and editor for the award-winning independent film studio RUMUR, is debuting the collaborative’s latest film in New York this week. The documentary, titled All the Rage, chronicles the work of renowned physician Dr. John Sarno and his radical methods for treating chronic pain. It will debut at Cinema Village in New York on Friday, June 23. A Q&A with directors and special guests will follow after every screening Friday (June 23), Saturday (June 24) and Sunday (June 25).

All the Rage comes at a critical time, when the epidemic of chronic pain is afflicting over 100 million Americans and millions more worldwide. Dr. Sarno, professor of rehabilitation medicine at the NYU School of Medicine and writer of four bestselling books on pain management, is considered a medical pioneer in the field for the connections he draws between his patients’ emotions and their pain. Despite backlash from the mainstream medical community, Sarno has spent 50 years developing his revolutionary treatment program. Some of his most notable patients include Larry David and Howard Stern, both of whom are featured in the film.

In a press release for the documentary, the partners of RUMUR discuss how All the Rage presents an insightful reassessment of our healthcare system:

We’re hopeful that viewers of All the Rage will come to understand the connection between their emotions and health. We were very conscious of making a film that honors Dr. Sarno’s legacy without making a film that was just for people who are already fans of his work. We also didn’t want to make a film that was essentially his book in a shortened form, but instead a film that would inspire people to do their own work in coming to understand the ideas. The goal was to make a film that drove home the idea that our minds and bodies are intimately connected. I think we accomplished that.

RUMUR collaborates with high-profile clients including HBO, A&E, ESPN, MSNBC, DIRECTV and PBS to create critically acclaimed documentary films. The studio is a collaborative between partners Michael Galinsky, Suki Hawley and David Beilinson. Their work has been shortlisted for the Academy Awards and screened at the top film festivals around the world. RUMUR’s latest film Who Took Johnny, about the first missing child on a milk carton, is currently airing on Netflix. They are currently in production on several feature documentaries.