Students Receive Research Awards from NASA

Olivia DrakeJune 28, 20182min

Three undergraduates and one graduate student received NASA Connecticut Space Grant Awards from the NASA Connecticut Space Grant Consortium (CTSGC). The CTSGC is a federally mandated grant, internship, and scholarship program that aims to inspire the pursuit of careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Astronomy and math major Nicole Zalewski ’20 received a $5,000 undergraduate research fellowship to pursue her study on “Measurement of the Radar Properties of the Oldest Rocks on Venus to Constrain Mineralogy.” Her advisor is Martha Gilmore, the George I. Seney Professor of Geology, professor of earth and environmental sciences, co-coordinator of planetary science, and director of graduate studies.

Astronomy major Terra Ganey ’21 received a $5,000 undergraduate scholarship. She’s working on finding and characterizing exoplanets with the Kepler/K2 Space Telescope. Her advisor is Seth Redfield, associate professor and chair of astronomy, associate professor of integrative sciences, and co-coordinator of planetary science. Redfield also is the CTSGC campus director.

Astronomy major Rachel Marino ’20, who transferred from Middlesex Community College to Wesleyan in 2017, received a $5,000 community college transfer scholarship. She’s working on submillimeter observations of young stars. Her advisor is Meredith Hughes, assistant professor of astronomy, assistant professor of integrative sciences.

Earth and environmental sciences graduate student Sara Molly Wagner received an $8,000 graduate research fellowship. She’s working on a study titled “Early Planetary Degassing: An Example at Newberry Volcano, Oregon.” Her advisor is Joop Varekamp, the Harold T. Stearns Professor of Earth Science, professor of earth and environmental sciences, professor of environmental studies, professor of Latin American studies.

The CTSGC is made up of 24 Connecticut-based colleges, universities, and affiliates.