More than 20 Bands, Musicians Perform during The MASH

Olivia DrakeSeptember 13, 20186min
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Inspired by Fête de la Musique (also known as Make Music Day or World Music Day), the seventh annual The MASH festival on Sept. 8 highlighted Wesleyan’s student music scene, with multiple stages on campus featuring everything from a cappella ensembles and soloists to student and faculty bands. The name “MASH” is derived from the idea of a mash-up, since the festival features a mixture of different styles, genres, and musical expressions.

Stages were set up near Foss Hill, Olin Library, and North College. Performers included Baby Jeremy, Beach Juice, Rebecca Roff, Slavei, FieldFare, Jack Canavan-Gosselin, Myles Johnson, Quasimodal, Philippe Bungabong, Lila Lifton, Elias Normal, Cypher, BLOOMSBURY, Iris Sackman, SOUP, Basukes, Mattabesset String Collective, Timmy Turnhim, DJ Shaga, Pinroll, and Powered By 2 DJs. Other musicians performed during open mic opportunities.

The MASH is co-sponsored by the Center for the Arts and the Office of Student Affairs. Photos of The MASH are below: (Photos by Claudia Ferrara ’21)

Jack Canavan Gosselin (Olin)
Jack Canavan-Gosselin ’22 performed solo on the Olin Library stage. He sings and plays the piano and trombone.

Slavei (Foss)
Slavei performed on the Foss Hill stage.
Slavei is Wesleyan’s Eastern European a capella group.
Iris Sackman ’22 performed solo on the North College stage.
FieldFare performed on the Foss Hill stage.
FieldFare performs acoustic and electronic music. Band members include Daphne Gampel ’19, Becket Cerny ’19, Henry Hodder ’20, and Jenni Rudolph.
Myles Johnson ’22 performed solo on the Olin Library stage. He sings and plays acoustic guitar.
Baby Jeremy performed on the Foss Hill stage. Baby Jeremy is a four-piece rock band composed of Geoff Minet ’20, Lance Lepelstat ’20, Jeremy Mopsick ’20, and Zack Hersh ’20.
Matt Rubenstein ’21, who uses the name Elias Normal, performed on the North College stage.
Rubenstein is a singer/songwriter turned producer who incorporates pop, R&B, electronic, rock and other genres into his densely arranged musical experiments.
Rebecca Roff ’20 performed on the Foss Hill stage.
Roff was accompanied by Naomi Glascock ’20 and performed her own original pop/folk songs.
Timmy Turnhim
The MASH concluded with a late night DJ party in Beckham Hall. Abe Kipnis ’19, who goes by DJ Timmy Turnhim, started using digital audio workstations and synthesizing audio in his room in Clark Hall as a first-year student. Through years of experimentation learning to bridge the gap between music and noise, he now produces for fun, piecing together bits of sounds into projects that make him move.