Guest Evaluators Critique QAC Poster Session

Olivia DrakeJanuary 14, 20193min
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poster session
The Quantitative Analysis Center hosted a poster session Dec. 7 in Beckham Hall. More than 35 guest evaluators attended the event to critique the students’ posters.
Valerie Acosta ’20 shared her study titled “References in the Association between Medicaid and Treatment Seeking Among Individuals with Depression.”

Justin McIntosh ’21 discussed his poster titled “Association between Childhood Physical Abuse and Illicit Drug Use in Young Adulthood.”
Emma Johnson ’19 explored the topic of “The Association between Unemployment and Disrupted Sleep Patterns.”
At left, Jiner Zheng ’21, presented her study titled “The Associations between Drinking Problems, Depression, and Sleep Disturbance.” At right, Nafisa Masud ’21 shared her research on “The Association between Asthma and Depression.”
Alice Swan ’21 presented her poster titled “The Association between Parental Absence in Childhood and Anxiety in Young Adulthood.”
Timothy Jambor ’20 presented his poster titled “Is Anxiety Related to Increased Risk-Taking?”
Helena Sanchez ’21 shared her study titled “The Association Between Access to Psychological Counseling and Prevalence of Eating Disorder Risk Factors Among Adolescents.” At right, Alessandro Sassi ’21 presented a poster titled “Adolescents’ Value of Faith and Their Likelihood to Use Cocaine.”
Imani Crews ’21 presented her research titled “Association between Body Dysmorphia and Risky Sexual Behavior Among Heterosexual Males and Females.”