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McLaughlin ’15 Helps Students Discover Body-Mind Awareness through WesBAM! Classes

WesBAM! instructors are students certified in a variety of athletic disciplines.

In this Q&A we speak with Katie McLaughlin from the Class of 2015. (Story and photos by Hannah Norman ’16) Q: Katie, what are you majoring in? A: I’m majoring in French and environmental studies with the certificate in international relations. For my capstone project in the environmental studies major, I am researching the academic justifications of…

Fowler on the Effects of Politicization of Vaccines in the Media

Erika Franklin Fowler is co-director of The Wesleyan Media Project.

As controversy over the measles vaccine continues to grow, and prominent politicians weigh in with their views, Assistant Professor of Government Erika Franklin Fowler writes in The Washington Post’s “Monkey Cage” blog about the dangerous consequences that politicization of vaccine issues in the news media can have on public support for vaccines in general. In an…

Dean for Equity and Inclusion Earns a Doctorate in Education

Renee Johnson-Thornton, dean for equity and inclusion.

In this Q&A we speak with Renee Johnson-Thornton, dean for equity and inclusion. Q: Renee, when did you come to Wesleyan and what was your first position? When did you join the Office of Equity and Inclusion? A: I was hired in 1998 to be the associate director of the Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program. The…