Oscar-Nominated Director Jason Reitman Speaks at Wesleyan

David LowApril 21, 20104min
As part of the Film Studies Department's 2010 Independent Filmmaker Series and WesFest 2010, acclaimed director Jason Reitman showed his Oscar-nominated film "Up in the Air" to a packed audience at Goldsmith Family Cinema on April 15. After the screening Reitman talked about how he got started in the film business and answered questions about his work.

Reitman began by talking about his work on commercials and on his first two films 'Thank You for Smoking" and "Juno." The latter film was a huge success, which Reitman did not expect. He was the youngest director to receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Director for "Juno" and also received Academy Award nominations for Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Picture producer for "Up in the Air."
Reitman talked about adapting "Up in the Air" from a novel and the original material he added to the screenplay, including the female character Alex. He was speaking as part of the Film Studies Department’s 2010 Independent Filmmaker Series being held on Thursdays this April at the Goldsmith Family Cinema. (Photos by graduate student Thaddeus Ruzicka)

Upcoming speakers include Wesleyan graduates director Miguel Arteta ‘89 (Youth in Revolt) and producer and documentary filmmaker Sadia Shepard ‘97 (The September Issue).