Conflict in Yemen Discussed at ‘Rule of Law’ Event

Olivia DrakeMay 19, 20173min
Thafir Elzofri '19 organized the event.
Thafir Elzofri ’19.

On May 12, the Wesleyan Refugee Project hosted its spring event titled “The Rule of Law in Yemen,” in Beckham Hall. Representatives from Adalah, Yemen’s first legal NGO that provides international support and promotes respect for human rights, spoke at the event.

“The Rule of Law” provided discussion and critical analysis on the legal implications of the conflict in Yemen. Since 2011, Yemen, already the poorest country in the Middle East, has experienced loss of life, famine and internal displacement.

H.E. Mohamed Qubaty, minister of tourism for Yemen, delivered the keynote address via telecast. Omar Mashjari, executive director of Adalah, Hannah Quasi of Lancaster University, U.K. and Summer Nasser, chairperson of YemenAid U.S. led a panel discussion. Emy Matesan, assistant professor of government, moderated the event and Thafir Elzofri ’19 organized the event.

Photos of the event are below: (Photos by Caroline Kravitz ’19)

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