Class of 2022 Welcomed at Summer Sendoffs Worldwide

Olivia DrakeJuly 27, 20185min
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Wesleyan’s newest students and their families are welcomed to the Wesleyan community during a series of Summer Sendoffs held July 19 to Aug. 15. Alumni and parents are hosting the events at various locations around the world including Boston; Beijing; Hong Kong; New York City; Mumbai; Seattle; Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia; and more.

All members of the Wesleyan community are invited to attend the casual socials. Pictured below are photos from a few of the gatherings.

Cecilia ’91 and Greg McCall hosted a Summer Sendoff in Fairfield, Conn. on Aug. 14.

Fairfield Sendoff hosted last night by Cecilia ’91 and Greg McCall.


Carmen Cheung ’05 and Alecia Ng ’14 organized the Hong Kong Summer Sendoff on July 19.

Shawn P’21 and Lewis Ingall ’83 P’21 hosted the Chicago Summer Sendoff on Aug. 13.


The Boston Summer Sendoff was held on Aug. 2 and was hosted by Lauren P ’18 and Mark Rubin ’76 P ’18.


The New York City Summer Sendoff was held on July 12.

Shogo Maeda ’79 organized the Tokyo, Japan, Summer Sendoff on July 13:

Sarah Tunik ’92 P’21 and Dan Oppenheimer ’89 P’21 hosted a sendoff in the San Francisco Bay Area on July 22.

Stu and Danielle Seltzer P ’17, ’20 hosted a sendoff in Mamaroneck, N.Y. on July 25.

Jennifer and Jean-Louise Velaise P’18, and Benjamin Velaise ’18 hosted a Los Angeles Summer Sendoff on July 21.

The Washington D.C. Summer Sendoff occurred on July 28.

The Beijing, China Sendoff occurred on Aug. 4.