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6th Annual The MASH Highlights Wesleyan’s Music Scene

Inspired by Fete de la Musique (also known as World Music Day), the sixth annual The MASH festival on Sept. 9 highlighted Wesleyan’s student music scene, with multiple stages on campus featuring everything from a cappella ensembles to student, faculty and alumni bands.

Stages were set up at Foss Hill, outside Olin Library and North College. More than 20 groups and soloists performed at Wesleyan’s The Mash including Bonanza, Good Morning CT, McCleary McCleary, MEG, Saint Something, Jal, The Basukes, Smokin’ Lilies, Jess Best ’14, Prometheus, New Group, Gabe & Brien, Savannah Jeffreys ’18, Johnny Gilmore ’18, Anna Savage ’18, Quasimodal, Sloane Peterson, ethereal whoosing, The Purple Windsounds, LAZ, Cicero Presley and Tasty Desert Creatures.

The MASH was held in conjunction with the City of Middletown’s Main Street Stroll, a family-friendly celebration of Middletown’s Main Street and the new Wesleyan RJ Julia Bookstore. The stroll featured music, street performers, specialty workshops and more.

Anna Savage '18 performed at the Olin stage.

Anna Savage ’18 performed at the Olin stage.

Student Music Scene Celebrated at The MASH

Inspired by Fete de la Musique, also known as World Music Day, the fifth annual MASH highlighted Wesleyan’s student music scene on Sept. 9. The 5 1/2 hour concert, sponsored by the Center for the Arts, featured 22 bands performing at four different venues on campus including Olin Library, the North College Lawn, Center for the Arts and Foss Hill.

Musical acts included Slavei, Hari, Slender James, Birchbark, Fortune Plays Sax, Anna Savage, Sneaky Boy, MEG, Dinomanic, Yer Trash, the good lonely, Mom, Rui Barbosa, BOSSY, Lo-Qi, McCleary McCleary, Going Up North for the Weekend, Slouch, The Highlanders, Jal & Locus, Chef and El Niño. Each band performed for about 20 minutes.

Photos of The MASH are below and on this Wesleyan Facebook gallery. (Photos by Will Barr ’18, Rebecca Goldfarb Terry ’19, Caroline Kravitz ’19 and Olivia Drake)

The MASH at Wesleyan University, Sept. 9. (Photo by Will Barr '18)

The MASH at Wesleyan University, Sept. 9. (Photo by Will Barr '18)

Student Music Scene Celebrated at the 4th Annual Mash

On Sept. 11, the Center for the Arts celebrated the student music scene at The Mash. Inspired by Fete de la Musique, also known as World Music Day, this fourth annual festival highlights Wesleyan’s student musicians. The event took place inside Usdan University Center, Patricelli ’92 Theater and Crowell Concert Hall.

More than 15 bands performed including Locus, described as “one man with psychedelic textures and experimental beats;” Mom, a funky band full of post-pubescent mystery rock; Quasimodal, Wesleyan’s oldest co-ed A cappella group; Veeblefetzer, Wesleyan’s finest Klezmer ensemble; Lo-Qi, a rap duo “here to denounce corporate oppression;” Sleep Kid, a sea-punk group of musicians and magicians; Slavei, a group inspired by music of Europe, the Balkans, and Caucasus Georgia; and Sloopy Coos Canyon, who performs “pretty happy stuff about sometimes sad things,” among others.

Photos of The Mash are below and in this Wesleyan University Facebook set. (Photos by Will Barr ’18, Ryan Heffernan ’16, Hannah Norman ’16 and Rebecca Goldfarb Terry ’19)