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Graduate Students Network, Receive Career Advice at Symposium

Yan Li, a graduate student in molecular biology and biochemistry, attended the Graduate Career Symposium Jan. 25 at Usdan University Center. More than 65 students pursuing a M.A. or Ph.D. at Wesleyan participated in the day-long event, which provided information on ways to transition from graduate school to careers in academia and industry. A reception followed the event.

At left, Michael Sciola, director of the Wesleyan Career Center, spoke to graduate students about interview skills and job searching. At right, author and guest speaker Diane Tracey of Executive Coaching Services, held a workshop on networking and etiquette. The event was sponsored by Graduate Student Services, the Graduate Student Association and the Wesleyan Career Center.

Gabriel Valenzuela is working on a Ph.D. in mathematics.

Capelo Praises Wesleyan’s M.A. Astronomy Program in Astrobites

Holly Capelo, a graduate student in the Astronomy Department, wrote a contribution to “astrobites,” an e-newsletter for students and others interested in astronomy. In her article, titled “Careers, Like Space Missions, are Tricky: How a Master’s Degree Can Help,” Capelo writes about her experience as a M.A. student at Wesleyan:

“In general the program is quite flexible: the curriculum includes a baseline number of astronomy courses and the rest of the course work is custom fit for individual students’ backgrounds and goals; often the candidates have undergraduate degrees in related fields, such as math, physics and computer science, and acquire astronomy-specific research and academic experience during their time there. The small department is housed entirely in an antique observatory on a bucolic liberal arts campus.”

At Wesleyan, Capelo studies transition disks in young stellar objects at optical and near-infrared wavelengths. Her advisor is Bill Herbst, the John Monroe Van Vleck Professor of Astronomy. Read the entire article online here.