Olivia DrakeAugust 27, 20141min
Students from 30 different countries joined the Class of 2018 during International Student Orientation, held Aug. 24-26. This fall, 109 undergraduate students come from international countries, including students who are U.S. citizens but live abroad. Three students are visiting from Germany, two from Spain and one from France. This year, Wesleyan has students who hail from Guatemala, (more…)

Olivia DrakeOctober 23, 20132min
Fulbright Fellow Janette Suherli could attend graduate school anywhere in the world, but the Indonesian resident decided to persue her master's degree in astronomy here at Wesleyan. "I learned about Wesleyan when I was in high school, and now I'm here because the Astronomy Department offers a great research program with well-known faculty members. The research and learning environment encourages me to be better everyday," she said. Suherli, who came to Wesleyan this fall, is one of three international Fulbright recipients who chose to complete their graduate studies at Wesleyan. Christine May Yong of Malaysia, plans to be at Wesleyan…

Lauren RubensteinSeptember 16, 20133min
No matter what field of study they pursue, Wesleyan students almost inevitably find that their education provides an introduction to cultures other than their own. Whether it’s the German film, West African dance, or Latin American politics class they take; a study abroad adventure; or a new friend or classmate from another part of the world, the Wesleyan experience reaches far outside central Connecticut. To celebrate and share the global nature of a Wesleyan education—as well as the impact of Wesleyan students, faculty and alumni in countries around the world—a new International website has just been launched. The site serves…

Bill FisherSeptember 16, 20131min
On Aug. 25, Wesleyan welcomed 92 international students to campus - 71 foreign nationals and 21 U.S. citizens living abroad, or about 13 percent of the entire Class of 2017. Why did they choose Wesleyan? Here are a few of their answers: [youtube width="640" height="420"][/youtube]  

Olivia DrakeAugust 28, 20132min
On Aug. 25, Wesleyan welcomed 92 international students to campus. Of these, 71 are foreign nationals and 21 are U.S. citizens living abroad. International students represent about 13 percent of the entire Class of 2017. Students come from more than 50 countries around the world including Portugal, Macedonia, Singapore, Jamaica, Bosnia, Brazil, Germany, Ireland, Argentina, Spain, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Thailand, Nepal, Iran, Kuwait, Mongolia and others. International Student Orientation began Aug. 25 when orientation leaders helped move the new students into their residence halls. International students received a campus tour, a welcome dinner, shopping trips and multiple educational programs sessions that…

Lauren RubensteinFebruary 27, 20131min
On Feb. 27, City of Middletown Mayor Dan Drew issued a proclamation to thank three Wesleyan students for their service to the city assisting in sales agreement documentation and language translation between International Lubricant, Inc. and Chinese investors. Mayor Drew declared Feb. 27, 2013 as "Yejing Gu ('14), Michael You Rong Leung ('15) and Meiyi Cheng ('13) Day." See this document for more information.

Olivia DrakeAugust 30, 20121min
Sixty-four international students hailing from Algeria to Zimbabwe joined the Class of 2016. International Student Orientation began Aug. 26. The program is designed to introduce international students to campus life at Wesleyan and ease their transition to the United States. Students took campus tours, went shopping, learned about writing programs, health matters, counseling and psychological services, performed a skit, and attended a workshop on managing U.S. academic and Wesleyan culture. The international students transitioned into New Student Orientation on Aug. 30. Photos of International Student Orientation are below: (more…)

Olivia DrakeAugust 31, 20111min
[youtube width="640" height="420"][/youtube] Wesleyan welcomed 87 international students to campus Aug. 28-31. International Student Orientation is held prior to new student orientation in order for international students to recover from travel, often from across the globe. ISO also offers sessions that address health and medical insurance issues, programs about cultural adaptation, weather adjustment, and liberal arts education, (more…)

Olivia DrakeSeptember 2, 20102min
[youtube width="640" height="420"][/youtube] Seventy international students, including 11 Freeman Scholars, arrived on campus during the last week of August for International Student Orientation (ISO) for the Class of 2014. A combination of information sessions, introductions and celebrations, ISO was held from Aug. 29-31, and allowed international students the opportunity to get acclimated with Wesleyan and its surroundings before they joined their fellow members of the Class of 2014 for New Student Orientation on Sept. 1. The program is designed provide a comprehensive introduction to Wesleyan and help international students begin to build a foundation for their academic and co-curricular success.…

Olivia DrakeSeptember 3, 20091min
International Student Orientation was held Aug. 28-31. ISO offers sessions that address health and medical insurance issues, programs about cultural adaptation, weather adjustment, and liberal arts education, as well as informational sessions about U.S. systems that many international students are not familiar with or are very different from their home country. This program prepares international students to successfully transition to New Student Orientation. ISO concluded with a formal dinner and program on Aug. 31. Photos from the event are below. (Photos by Olivia Bartlett Drake)

Olivia DrakeMay 2, 20052min
  From left to right, Ambika Ahuja ’05 of Thailand, Zaheed Essack ’05 of South Africa, Phudorji Sherpa ’05 of Nepal, and Lianne Morris-Smith ’05 of Jamaica converse at the International Student Senior Reception. Posted 05/02/05 The Office of International Student Services held an International Student Senior Reception at the Russell House April 27. More than 25 international students and exchange students attended. Some gave brief remarks about their experiences at Wesleyan while others mentioned ways they plan to stay connected with Wesleyan after graduating. “Whether they stay in this country or travel back to their home country, these students…